About Us

About Us

Plain and simple, this is a passion project. The 400 Project was created to challenge each other to create 400 pieces of original content. Our “content” can be anything we want – from written articles to photography to podcasts to videos – literally anything. We hope to inspire ourselves to grow as well as inspiring each other to take a chance and follow our passions. And hopefully entertain everyone along the way.


Armed with a passion for creativity and a desire to grow, Bryan has always dreamed of starting a site like this. Your classic nerd. He spends more time playing video games than anyone should probably admit to, and has a deep love of music. Introvert, reader, sports enthusiast. His skills do not include describing himself.  Having studied online Advertising and Marketing, Bryan spends the majority of his work and personal time on the internet. Digital media professional by day, couch potato by night.


From an early age, Ben has been gifted with a vivid imagination, which brought him into the creative field. Ben is currently the graphic designer at a brewpub and has worked in multiple mediums including web, illustrations, videography and photography. He has been running and operating an automotive culture website since 2012.


Professional designer and wannabe writer, Matt’s always approached life from a creative angle. Starting with drawing cartoons as a kid, then playing music in a band and filming videos in high school, his current path is working as a designer at a branding studio – creating logos, websites, names and marketing material for clients. Outside of work, he’s either reading a book or writing his own – which may see the light of day, someday.