A Minimalist Christmas

A Minimalist Christmas


‘Tis the season! The season of packed parking lots and line ups at malls worldwide, as everyone searches for the perfect physical object for that special someone, miscellaneous merchandise to stuff in stockings and enough Christmas lights and tinsel to strangle all the elves tirelessly toiling in the North Pole. ‘Tis the season of shopping and swapping and shelving, the season to wonder what to do with those ugly socks from Grandma and that DVD from your parents you didn’t ask for.

‘Tis the season of gifting. And for a minimalist, ’tis the season of nightmares.

What do you put on your Christmas list when you’re consciously trying to declutter your life? What do you buy for the minimalist in your life who keeps telling you they really don’t want anything for Christmas?

Well have no fear – Minimal Santa is here! Here are some ideas for a minimalist Christmas:

Give the gift of gift cards

Seems like a no brainer, right? But minimalism automatically rules out gift cards for clothing stores, furniture stores or any other store that sells physical items. But luckily gift cards exist for basically every establishment ever. Gift the minimalist in your life with a gift card to their favourite restaurant, a card for a free movie, a gas card, Amazon card or even Neftlix credit.

Spice it up!

Everybody’s gotta eat and no matter how often you go out for food, you still have to cook at home sometimes. If you’re a minimalist and a foodie, send a list of everyday spices and sauces you use a lot of – or baking ingredients for that dessert you always mean to make but never have the right ingredients lying around for.

Get personal

Have someone on your list who loves to draw and has always meant to practice more? Pay for an art class. Or someone interested in history? Museum passes. Someone who deserves a relaxing day to themselves? Spa pass. Or your family’s wine snob? Wine tour. Even if they can’t happen to make it to the event you paid for, they’ll appreciate the thought you put into it.

Everyday luxury

Think about the items you buy every month but never think about. Or things you’ve had for the longest time that are ready to be upgraded. Think hand towels, scented candles, throw pillows, bed sheets… the list goes on. Others on your list will appreciate a high-end soap they wouldn’t otherwise buy or something practical you know they’ll get use out of.

Giving is always better than receiving

Not all of us are fortunate enough to choose a minimal lifestyle. And this season of giving can be really difficult for those who are struggling. Consider adding a few of your favourite charities to your Christmas list this year and ask others to donate the amount they’d otherwise spend on a gift for you – or ask others on your list what charities they support. It doesn’t take a huge amount to bring a smile to a sick child’s face or to keep a homeless person warm. And let’s face it, you know you already have enough stuff.

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