We are getting old here at The 400 Project. 50 posts in and still going strong as Matt, Ben, and I work our way towards the goal of 400 articles. At this time it seems only fitting to look back on the past 50 posts and what The 400 Project has meant to me.

What is the 400 Project? It is a way to slow it all down and work on a project that allows us to be creative while giving us something to be excited about. Take a different path and see where it leads. That was the definition when we started and it hasn’t changed at all.

It was almost a year ago now that The 400 Project team headed off on a camping trip to celebrate the launch of the site. Seems so long ago now that we set this project live and started exploring our own areas of interest.

This project has been a driving force for personal growth when it comes to creativity, exploration, and excitement over the past year. The 400 Project has always been, first and foremost, a passion project. We write about and share the things that we love, giving our thoughts and opinions on the things that get us excited. It has been a platform to explore new things and put myself out there in ways I never have before

Since starting this project I have found more and more that I stop to think about, capture, and appreciate the things that happen in every day life so that I can translate them into articles to share. Recently I posted a recipe article doing exactly that. Instead of just cooking my dinner, I challenged myself to plan out the steps and take pictures along the way. In a nutshell, that is what The 400 Project has meant to me so far. It is an outlet for exploring areas of interest and sharing that passion with the world.

What makes The 400 Project even better is that I get to work with two of my best friends along the way.¬†Through each article they share I have gained more insight into the things that they like that I may not otherwise have been exposed to. Matt has introduced me to some amazing music that I had never given a chance in the past, and I have learned more about cars thanks to Ben’s posts than I knew I was missing out on. With each article we have all challenged each other to explore new topics and step outside of our comfort zones.

When this thing started I mentioned that you are an important part of this as well. By reading our articles and letting us know your thoughts you are supporting us in our work towards 400 pieces of content. And we want to give back and support you as well. Share your stories, your interests , blogs, articles, or anything that you have created with us and we will take a look and share our feedback with you as you share with us. The world is a community and we would love to support anyone who is pursuing their passions, just as we are.

50 articles down and 350 to go… Lets see what adventures we can find as we continue to work towards 400.

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