2017: A Year of Everything

2017: A Year of Everything


One of the most amazing things about smartphone technology is that we always have a camera at our side ready to capture any event we deem worthy. With a simple click of a button we can save a moment to look back on and remember forever. But how often do you actually look back?

Social apps give us the ability to share our proudest moments for the world to see, but most of our photo’s – and memories – just wind up taking up space on our phones.

This exercise gave me a reason to go back and relive those moments I valued enough to hold on to photographic evidence. What I found was that I had plenty of photos still to share, and a lot more memories made than I would have told you off the top of my head.

From random adventures with friends to getting married, this was the year of changes and new experiences.

Here are my top moments/experiences of 2017:

First of many craft beers in 2018.
Feb Edit
February: Exploring the streets of Toronto for some Craft Beer and a concert (more shots here).
March Edit
March: Underoath Rebirth tour.
April Edit
April: Toronto Blue Jays home opener 2018.
May: My bachelor party was a bit of an adventure, for more shots check out Photo Project: Getting Old.
June Edit
June: Married the love of my life with a little Star Wars twist. This was the only picture I managed to capture that day, but it is an epic one.
July Edit
July: Annual camping trip.
Aug Edit
August: First time at Birreria Volo.
Sept Edit
September: christened my first home purchase the right way, by having a NERF battle in the empty house before moving anything in.
Oct Edit
October: New home meant the beginning of many DIY projects, like updating this old dresser with a new rustic look.
Nov Edit
November: Experimenting with food was a trend for me in 2018. Considering healthier recipes that still taste great. Check out this recipe here.
Dec Edit
December: Getting my first glimpse of our upcoming bundle of joy. Closing out 2017 with the beginning of a new adventure.

That’s my list! 12 memories that I captured on my phone over the past year. Some photos were better than others, but all represent a time that I wanted to keep with me.

Now its your turn! Take a look back through your camera roll and share your best memory of the past year in the comment section below.

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